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American Electric is committed to creating exceptional and durable electrical systems in Evanston, WY. I spent years working as an electrical contractor for other businesses. In that time, my skills and knowledge improved and expanded. Once I realized how much joy I got from interacting with the people I serviced, I knew that I had the potential to start my own business. It was only a short while after that realization that American Electric was born.

Now I have complete control over the plans and pricing I give to my customers. Despite being a successful business owner, I still love going to my clients’ homes and businesses and handling their installation personally. Not many places have their customer representation and technical service handled by one single party. Since I am the only one providing your service, there will be no delays or lost information.

American Electric was built on the foundation of customer satisfaction. That satisfaction is achieved by combining expert craftsmanship, friendly customer interactions, and affordable pricing. Given my history of satisfied clients, I have been nothing short of successful in that pursuit. I treat my customers like family. You will never be subject to hidden fees or unnecessary expenses. My business dealings are honest and transparent.

If you are having issues with your electrical system or output, do not attempt to resolve the issue yourself. This is very dangerous. Aside from personal injury, you can also void any insurance you have for your home and exacerbate the damage, which would mean more expensive costs for repairs.

New tools and methods are always being introduced to this market. I make it a point to educate myself on all the latest innovations, so my customers receive the most advanced service possible. If you would like to get to know me, or the assistance I provide, visit American Electric today!

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